About the comic

A webcomic it is. A webcomic about falling cats.
Gravity is everywhere. You can’t escape gravity – resistance is futile!

It all began with a stuffed animal from my daughter, a plush toy, a cute little cat with big eyes. Playing around with it, letting it fall, throwing it around the living room. Soon I was doodling some really bad drawings of this plush cat. You know, when drawing something poorly, you have to let it explain what it does. And all the fun is gone.

really bad drawing of a cat

Then I found out that using drawing software made it much better. As a result, you saw what happened to the cat, what it thought and felt without having to explain it. (It’s still just a comic, not a work of art!)


Furthermore, my science education came into play. For me, there was no doubt that my Falling Cat has to be a Scientist, but a really nerdy one. Just as I am. I had fun inventing new absurd situations for the cat. I drew the first comics just for my family. After fifty comics, I had the idea that there might be some nerdy science lovers out there, who love cats too and I created this website. – And let’s face it, cats and the Internet go perfectly together.

I started uploading the comics in 2020. So have fun browsing through Falling Cats adventures. There is a new comic every week, updating on Mondays.